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Company Mission

Na’aman supplies premium technical services to the refractories market. We aim to address the entire range of problems facing our customers with a comprehensive suite of solutions that includes design services, materials supply, implementation supervision and periodic reviews.

The Na'aman Solutions Suit
Monolithic Refractories – Na'aman manufactures a wide verity of monolithic refractory products for diverse industrial applications, including: steel, cement and lime, chemistry and petrochemistry, energy and electricity, boilers, bakeries.
We supply: heavy castables, light and insulating materials, low cement castables, spraying, plastering, and plastic materials, repair mixture, mortar and materials for special uses.
Trading Products – In addition to our own monolithics, Na'aman offers a full package of materials from other refractory manufacturers. These include bricks, insulating ceramic fibers and special materials.
Engineering – Leverage our engineering department’s experience to help you specify refractory lining design for cost effective solutions. We ensure that all relevant parameters are factored in, especially material selection, anchoring design , heat loss calculations ,corrosion , and abrasion. We can also supply in situ supervision for the installation and commissioning procedures.

The Na’aman Material Advantage
With over 60 years experience in the manufacture and use of monolithic refractories, Na'aman has the know how to guarantee state-of-the-art quality in everything we produce. In our constant search for improvement, Na'aman has signed knowledge agreements with a number of leading bodies in the worldwide refractory market, for knowledge exchange and the development of best practices.
Thanks to our profound product understanding, we are able to hand craft products to our customers’ individual needs. This unique flexibility is just one example of the Na’aman material advantage.